Thursday, June 16, 2011

Zeus and Bella

My two dogs, Zeus and Bella, follow a strict daily schedule.  Each day, we get up and they get a dog biscuit, then go outside to perform morning rituals.  About 10:30 a.m., they begin making noises about a car ride -- usually to our local dump.  Of course, I don't take trash to the dump every day, but when I do, it is usually around -- you guessed it -- 10:30!  Then if I am working in my office and I happen to go past twelve noon or twelve-thirty, they are quick to brush me with their noses to let me know it is lunch time.  They usually get a small tidbit as I prepare a sandwich for myself.  In the afternoon, between three and three-thirty, I begin hearing some odd grunting sounds, accompanied by more nose-brushing.  This is code for "We wanta go out for a walk!"  Now they have a perfectly good, generously-sized dog run that they can access at any time.  But the air and the smells there, you see, are not nearly so sweet as they are on a walk along our street or up the occasional path.  So -- a walk it is, which is good because it gives the "Master" some exercise as well.  Finally, at 5:50 p.m. on the dot, my two mongrels make their last request of the day known, which has to do with dinner.  No matter what I'm doing, or how deeply I'm involved in my office or in some project around the house, Zeus and Bella expect their bowls to be promptly filled with a doggy culinary delights.

Now it might seem that I give excessive attention to my resident canines, but when you think about it, their schedule is not much different than mine.  Each day I get up, have breakfast, take trash to the dump (although not every day), eat lunch, take an afternoon walk, and have dinner.  Of course, I don't make grunting noises or give nose brushes to signal the start of each event, but our day generally works out the same way.  So I don't think you could say they are the masters of this game because we follow the same routine.  After all, if I put my foot down, things bend to my will -- not theirs.  Remember the saying - "Dogs have masters; cats have staff."  At least I have dogs, and I'm pretty sure they know who's in charge.  Me.  I'm pretty sure.